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Yogi of the Month

December 2018 Yogi of the Month

Jen & Brad

Jen and Brad come get their yoga-fix on their own at times and together at others. It's a joy to see their individual yoga journey's as well as see how they support each other!

Jen's Questions:
Nikki: How long have you practiced yoga and what other forms of exercise do you like to do?

Jen: I've been practicing yoga for maybe 5 years now? I started by tagging along with my twin sister to some of the Iyengar classes she goes to. I was so excited to see YogaSpark open in our neighborhood! I also love to run. I've found that the work that we do on breathing really helps me on runs. Yoga and running are great to do together because without yoga my muscles get too tight and unbalanced.

Nikki: What’s your favorite pose, and why?

Jen: I guess it depends on my mood. When I'm doing it right, I really love downward dog. I can feel the strength and energy really well in that pose. But I also love trying to do poses that are tough for me like half moon and other balancing poses. And of course I love child's pose.

Brad's Questions:
Nikki: What do you like most about practicing hot yoga?

Brad: I like how complete a workout it is. It's great for flexibility, cardio and strength (especially core strength). Its also is very meditative and relaxing. To me its a very rewarding and enjoyable way to stay healthy.

Nikki: Can you give a word or phrase that describes yoga to you?

Brad: I would have to say surprising...and by that I mean that if you told me two years ago I would be going to yoga regularly I would have been shocked. However when YogaSpark opened I tried it, and really liked it, and now it's my main, and favorite, form of exercise.

Joint Questions:
Nikki: What brought y’all to YogaSpark? Did you take your first class together or individually?

Jen & Brad: This is Jen. We live in the neighborhood and used to live directly above YogaSpark. I took the first class. I scoped it out and then told Brad to come!

Nikki: We all need a good yoga-buddy. How does having your partner being your constant yoga buddy help your practice?

Jen & Brad: It definitely is more fun and motivating to go together. And while we often laugh about things during the class--like me pouring sweat and/or us falling out of poses, I think we appreciate feeling on the same page after practice.