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Yogi of the Month

March 2019 Yogi of the Month

Carly Hackbarth

Carly always brings good vibes with her anywhere she goes and we are so honored to have her as a part of the YogaSpark community!

Nikki: How long have you practiced yoga and what other forms of exercise do you like to do?

Carly: I have been practicing yoga consistently for 2.5 years now & I don’t like to do any other forms of exercise.

Nikki: What brought you to YogaSpark and why do you enjoy the practice?

Carly: I came to YogaSpark because I changed jobs. I had a really hard time finding a studio I liked and tried them all out in the area. YogaSpark was the first one I practiced at where I felt connected. I was deeply missing my old yoga studio, but it only took me about 3 classes to fall in love with YogaSpark. What I enjoy about the practice here specifically is the way the instructors teach, providing hands on adjustments and constructively adding to my postures and flow. One of my favorite sayings from one of the instructors whose classes I take regularly is, “Your body, your choice,” which makes me feel empowered and in control of myself. My mindset has always been really individualistic and competitive, but I love people and being in relationship with others. I like how independent yoga is (you + your mat,) but how collective the energy is in the room with everyone else. The vibe is elevated when you vibe together.

Nikki: What do you feel are the benefits of yoga both physically and mentally?

Carly: How much time do you have? (LOL) Yoga is grounding. It is the one hour of peace I get per day. It has brought a sense of awareness into my life that I never had before. I do use it as my exercise because I enjoy it. Nobody has ever had to tell me, “you have to go to yoga,” instead I am telling people, “I want to go to yoga.” Yoga is not only with me on my mat, but Yoga is in my every day. It is applicable outside of the studio; the breath, the practice, the simple thought of just being. Yoga creates possibility.

Nikki: Can you give a word or phrase that describes yoga to you?

Carly: Presence.