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Yogi of the Month

November 2019 Yogi of the Month

Abby Williams

As we move into November we are thrilled to spotlight Abby Williams as our Yogi of the Month!

Nikki: How long have you practiced yoga and what other forms of exercise do you like to do?

Abby: I started practicing yoga in college as cross-training for ballet - it was a great way for me to strengthen my muscles while maintaining the flexibility dancing required, and reinforced the kinesthetic awareness that dance teaches. Since I graduated *several* years ago, I've stopped dancing, but yoga has remained a major part of my life. Now when I'm not getting sweaty on a mat, you can find me out for a run along the West Side Highway or up in Central Park.

Nikki: What brought you to YogaSpark?

Abby: I'd let my practice slip while I was training for a race, and was dealing with cranky running joints as a result, so was on the hunt for a studio. I live just a couple blocks away from YogaSpark, so popped in one afternoon to see what the studio was like. I knew it was the spot for me when I learned about the 2700 challenge - it was the perfect way to push myself to recommit. Two challenges later... here we are!

Nikki: You are also a dancer and a runner. As a super active person, how has yoga helped you?

Abby: Yoga is the only reason that I can physically get out of bed in the morning - I love my other activities, but ballet and running are both so high impact and so hard on the body. Yoga helps me keep everything in alignment and work out all the kinks I've created. Yin classes especially save me - and serve as a helpful reminder that not every workout has to be done at 100% capacity.

Nikki: Can you give a word or phrase that describes yoga to you?

Abby: Release. Yoga is the only space I enter where I don't have a goal, a to do list, a person to answer to. It's just me and how I feel in that moment, and that is so freeing.