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Yogi of the Month

December Yogi of the Month

Heather Smith

We have so many wonderful yogis to be thankful for everyday of the year but this month we are honoring one of our newer yogis to the community, Heather Smith. She is a fierce yogi who clearly loves her practice as much as she loves bringing yoga buddies into the studio to practice along side her. Read more below:

Nikki: When did you start practicing at YogaSpark and how did it affect your practice?

Heather: I only started practicing at YogaSpark around 3 months ago, when my youngest child began school. I really wanted to use the time I finally had for myself to build my level of fitness, and YogaSpark combines the benefits of yoga (flexibility and equanimity) with a dynamic physicality that keeps me feeling challenged.

Nikki: What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Heather: I'm not sure that I can pick a yoga pose that is my favorite, but I do love what I consider the “culmination” pose in every class. I love it when we spend an hour building the heat and flexibility required to make a shape with our bodies that would have been impossible just 60 minutes before.

Nikki: If you could describe yoga in one word what would it be and why?

Heather: Progress. I love how, in practicing yoga, there’s always more. You can challenge yourself every day to do more, and do it better. There is a sense of accomplishment in finding you can easily do something you struggled with before, and in yoga there are so many of these “small victories”.